A  J O U R N E Y  T H R O U G H  T I M E 

Welcome to a place where love poems were written, and the fruits of the land became subject to philosophy and scripts in ancient times.

Eresos, island of Lesvos, Greece. Homeland of Sappho the poet (630 – 570 BC.) and Theophrastus the philosopher (371 – 287 BC.)

theta eresos

INSPIRED be the color of the plants, flavors and scents of our privately owned estates,

ENLIGHTENED by poetry and the scripts of Theophrastus the ‘Father of Botany’,

GUIDED from legacy, tradition and heritage of four generations of agricultural knowledge, and

LED of great ambition for perfection

THETA. Exquisite flavor productions we carefully harvest, collect, produce, and package by hand, for adding exceptional gourmet pleasing to your gastronomy gustation moments.

Capturing Moments …