Discover our honey made from nectar gathered from Greek Island Wild Flowers and Thyme. A flavor profile unlike any other.
Table 7: Amber coloured, cloudy honey which had a good viscosity. It was floral on the nose and very floral on the tongue – we could detect a lot of lavender, which made it quite medicinal in flavour. It was a rich and delicious honey which one judge just adored!
Table 4: Did we expect good things here? Certainly…and we found them indeed! Clean and fresh and floral. 
Table r1: A citrusy floral honey with depth and vibrancy. Layers of floral notes and the greek warmth of thyme make it a very well balanced.’
– The Judges at GTA 2017
Type:  100% Pure, Premium Island Wildflowers with thyme Honey
Use on/with:   Spread on bread and butter, or use it raw as topping on ice cream and Greek yogurt. One spoon of this honey will bring out all  the aromas when used as a natural sweetener in tea. For molecular gastronomy, use it as the main ingredient in making honey caviar.
Benefits:  Thyme honey is well known for its amazing health benefits. Some key benefits can be found reading here.
Color:   Gold amber
Taste:   Smooth sweetness with the feeling of wild island flowers and thyme  nectar.
Production:  Lab Tested.  Unfiltered and Extracted below 35 degrees without any Pasteurization.  Not applied to any Heating  which destroys aromas,  yeast enzymes and phenol.
Packaging:  Bottled in an italian manufactured container.  Packaged and sealed by hand using hologram seal, with no machine involved in the production process.The product is supplied in 280g net weight content.
The best honey in Greece comes from “Thyme” (Thimari in Greek), by far the best honey in the world and a favorite among honey connoisseurs.
Our aim is to offer to our clients products with exceptional quality. With respect to ingredients, naturalness, potency, taste, storage life and other important criteria, our glass container complies with the highest quality criteria.
Our wish is to hand over our honey in such a way that the superior quality is completely maintained over a longer time period.
Enjoy nature’s richest superfood containing over 80 different health giving proponents, embodying the natural bouquet of flower pollination with a potent source of nutritional elements.
All pure unpasteurized and unheated honey crystalizes at some point as a natural phenomenon. In order to decrystalize, refer to certain ways as seen on the internet using a water heating method. Avoid warming the water above 37 degrees, and also avoid the methods using microwave oven.